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Optimize the online footprint of your organization and its programs through innovative and purposeful digital marketing. Without losing sight of numbers, we foster quality impact, connections, and audience engagement. We help spread the word so you can focus on the good work.

Leverage your social media and online presence through the implementation of various digital marketing strategies and tactics. To successfully do so, we believe in the power of starting with the end-users in order to craft a user-centric experience. We believe that your good work deserves more; through our skilled use of timely tools, you can focus on gaining results. Moreover, we understand that online  marketing is more than just a numbers game. We craft strategies and tactics that combine organic and inorganic means to contribute to your organizational vision, and measure what matters: quality engagement and conversion.

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For the past 5 years, AsianNGO has been helping key players in the development sector solve issues caused by the inability to find resources. With the organization’s vast database of the latest corporate, environmental, educational, and technological development grants, as well as funding opportunities such as CSR funds, they are able to help provide fundamental support to local and global NGOs, nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises.

To increase AsianNGO’s visibility across the Asia-Pacific, ASSIST developed a 360-degree organic and inorganic marketing strategy and executed campaigns for AsianNGO on social media (Facebook), Pay Per Click advertising, email and content marketing. The project resulted in a 10-fold increase in social media traction over a period of 6 months; 10% increase in CTR with CPC below $1; and a 15% CTOR on email campaigns in under 12 months.


DigiBayanihan aims to close the digital divide between those with and without access to technology so that more Filipinos have the life skills they need to succeed through accessible digital skills training.

For A duration of 16 months, DigiBayanihan’s website traction improved, attaining more than 21,000 page views with approximately 10,000 unique page views.