Digital Storytelling

A well-crafted digital story can convey abstract and complex message in a simple yet engaging  ways to promote understanding and encourage actions from the viewers. We at ASSIST Creativelab harness the power of relatable narratives through communication materials that tell compelling stories with significant impact.

With a plethora of content available for the users in various formats and interventions, we need to ask ourselves whether the content we are creating is making any difference? Users are overwhelmed with the amount of information they consume on a daily basis, which has become imperative that creators, and authors publish content that is not only relatable and impactful but engaging, relevant and distinct. Whether we are communicating with general public / direct  user based, organizations, institutions, at a project level and even at a company level, stories are a powerful tool for inspiring action by creating human connection and emotional resonance. We at ASSIST Creativelab strive to develop well-crafted user stories that can communicate abstract and complex ideas in ways that encourage understanding,  and value connections and drive actions.

Our expertise stems from understanding of the users, and knowing from experience what works through impactful Scripting, Instructional Design, art designs, motion graphics, and characterization, that will bring life to what may seem to be complex or elementary concepts or ideas. As marketers our aim is to elevate the content and capture the hearts of our viewers through establishing an emotional connection. We have the right people and technology that comes together to create these digital stories that will get people invested and lead them to act and bring about change.

Our Competencies

Brand Stories

Honoree storytelling

Immersive storytelling


Art Direction and artwork

Motion Editing

Videography and video shoot