eLearning and Knowledge Management

Empowering stakeholders is imperative to sustainable development. We help partners scale their interventions by adopting technology in capacity building and knowledge sharing among staff, communities and all target learners alike through elearning.

Building capacity today goes beyond the walls of a classroom and spreads across platforms, media types and modalities. However, effective learning is still a function of good instructional design that addresses learner needs and learning objectives. ASSIST Creativelab helps achieve learning success through effective learning needs analysis, contextual instructional design,  high quality content development and effective learning dissemination strategies. The team is skilled in a variety of elearning authoring tools and audience engagement tools to ensure learning retention. The team builds on the importance of content localization for contextual learning through language translation, recording, videography and editing capabilities where necessary.   

Backed by technical expertise in platform development, the team can help customize open source Learning Management Systems (LMS) tools such as Moodle and EdX or deploy proprietary new age platforms such as TalentLMS and Disprz. In addition, ASSIST Creativelab also has the experience in rolling out learning libraries such as Udemy Business and GO1 for organizations in their pursuit to strengthen capacity. Through these tools, ASSIST Creativelab can deploy mobile first learning programs that match needs of learners in low-bandwidth and mobile environments such as farmers, healthcare workers, community champions and other frontliners.   

Going beyond learning and capacity building, the team supports optimizing organizational knowledge through knowledge management strategy and platform development (such as knowledge portals, mobile applications etc.) that ensures proper packaging and sharing of knowledge.

eLearning Content Design

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Materials Design

Content Localization

Knowledge Management Plan / Strategy

Knowledge Portal Development

Learning Management System (LMS) Development


Promoting Financial Literacy and Business Skills among Sari-sari store owners

Grameen Foundation, with support from JP Morgan, aimed to empower microentrepreneurs by turning them into Digital Financial Agents (DFA) for the hyperlocal market they serve. This required engaging microlearning content for low-bandwidth environments.

ASSIST designed several modules to achieve this objective and helped roll them out in multiple dialects in the Philippines across 5,000+ store owners in  100+ provinces through mobile devices.

UN Habitat

Participatory Slum Upgrading Program

Serving 40 countries and 160+ cities in the ACP (African, Carribbean and the Pacific) region, UN Habitat is focused on promoting a participatory approach to slum upgrading through a proven framework. Educating and capacity building of stakeholders from national and local agencies, CSOs, academe and the private sector is critical to achieve the planned outcome.

ASSIST has entered into a cooperation agreement to address this knowledge management initiative by developing over 10 hours of eLearning modules, installing a universal analytics engine, and establishing an online learning platform for knowledge exchange. The content will reach over 1,000+ partners across the ACP region.  


Project coordination for webinars and rebranding for publications and eLearning courses

Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) is a world leader in high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems, and services. Signify constantly seeks ways to empower its ecosystem of external stakeholders across the globe on its evolving solutions, and ASSIST serves as an extended arm of its L&D team in its design, facilitation, and learning ROI assessment.


Career Engine is designed for the Filipino Youth to pursue industry-relevant skills training that will prepare them for the new jobs of today. The internship finder on our portal is a unique tool that will not only let learners gain real-time work experience but will also help them secure a job in the future.


Security Awareness Training

As development professionals working in situations and states that have varying degrees of stability and security, all ADB staff are expected to complete learning modules on security measures to ensure familiarity with good practices and mandatory policies.

ASSIST engaged with ADB to transform pre-existing basic modules into instructionally rich, interactive, and practical modules that all bank staff can take on-the-go. This program has been made mandatory for all personnel before taking up any missions.