Pathway to effective eLearning Content

By Ian Jamotillo, Editorial Associate

Photo Courtesy of Lara Far on Unsplash

How do you measure the effectiveness of an electronic learning or eLearning course? For most trainers, one should start with a compelling content to spark interest in students. While traditionally correct, the world is continuously changing and content alone may not be enough to drive learning. 

As we further sink our teeth into technology, the world of eLearning is bound to evolve at a rapid rate. With the internet allowing trainers to provide accessible content that caters to various learning styles and aptitude, creating materials such multimedia to supplement learning is now easier than ever. With this comes the need to adapt, and here are some reasons why trainers shouldn’t focus on the content alone for their eLearning course. 

  1. A chance of information overload

A key to an effective eLearning course is student retention. Students or customers will most likely be engaged if they can absorb learning materials at their own pace. Offering too much content not only overwhelms them, but can also hamper their cognizance especially with complex topics. Much like every article we regularly see on social media, people want brief yet in-depth information. This applies to any eLearning material too!

  1. People crave for interactivity 

Ever since COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, people were forced to stay inside their homes to avoid virus transmission. This barred human interaction, and affected how people communicate and absorb external information. As people switch to the digital space for learning, it is essential for trainers to consider interactivity and entertainment as a way to stimulate the mind. Utilizing videos and infographics can spice up learning, and prevent monotony from the student’s end. 

  1. People always look for something fresh

Sticking to a tied and true formula will ensure a fail-proof system for your eLearning. While this sounds efficient, people are always on the lookout for something fresh. Nobody wants to see an age-old content that is desperately in need of updating. When focusing on content, trainers must consider the freshest trends and new insights that have seen the light in the industry. Not only this attracts potential students or customers, but also gives your business an edge over the others. 

  1. eLearning is about exploring a myriad of stuff

An effective eLearning course is first and foremost, supported by great content. However, there’s more that trainers can explore and focus to produce an effective eLearning course. Providing a comprehensive assessment test to gauge the students’ performance is one area to consider. A feedback system, on the other hand, will allow students to pitch areas of improvement or suggestions which trainers can adapt to further enhance the course. 

Content may not be king anymore for eLearning, but it still plays a critical role in the success of an eLearning course. It is highly important to look at the evolving world, and serve the fluctuating needs of people. While this may seem like a tricky job at first, this consideration will ensure long-term sustainability and impact especially for businesses who want to thrive in an industry chock-full of competitive players. 

At ASSIST Creativelab, content is at the forefront of its services and initiatives. It’s the driving force behind its success, but in detail it encompasses a large chunk of what makes an eLearning effective. Visit our website to know more about eLearning and all the right ways to do it!

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