eLearning to promote digital literacy among youth in Vietnam

SDGs: Quality Education, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Country/Region: Vietnam

The Need

Vietnam is currently known to have a BPO industry with great potential. However, the lack of qualified employees impedes its potential to further expedite the industry to greater heights. To foster growth in Vietnam’s BPO industry, and provide capacity-building opportunities to the unemployed youth and disadvantaged, DIGI-TEXX aims to establish an e-Learning platform to provide remote training and generate job opportunities in the BPO industry for marginalized groups in rural Vietnam (unemployed youth, women with children, and PWDs)


To help realize DIGI-TEXX’s objectives, ASSIST provided e-learning modules to promote digital literacy among the youth in Vietnam. In doing so, the e-Learning modules aim to serve as capacity-building training for the youth, in hopes to open opportunities in BPOs as data processing operators or act as administration/support with basic computing skills

Our Output/Impact

The project consisted of the development and design of a 1-week course made up of three levels of training modules. These modules consisted of a series of e-learning courses and webinars that trained participants on their reading and typing skills, improved their proficiency in Google Chrome and Microsoft Office Tool, as well as provide a guide in writing emails and handwritten letters of recognition. The modules are intended to be used by 10,000 people, with 2,000 trained participants to be employed by DIGI-TEXX and other BPO companies.

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