Preparation of Knowledge Products on Compliance Review

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Country/Region: Global

The Need

In the 12 years of ADB Accountability Mechanism Policy (AMP), OCRP (Office of the Compliance Review Panel) has raised awareness to key stakeholders in over 24 countries. But given the diversity of audience, projects, markets and growing ask for awareness, the need for a more robust and user-friendly guidance kit has been identified. Thus, ADB aimed to roll out a series of knowledge products raising awareness of its Accountability Mechanism, accustomed to the variances of its various key stakeholders.


ASSIST was selected by ADB to assess, design, develop, test and rollout a series of knowledge products focused on effectively communicating the AMP.

Our Output/Impact

Stakeholder workshops were held to help assess needs and gather requirements. From this, a series of guidebooks catered to various target audiences including the private sector, ADB management, staff, and executing agencies were developed. Products to a select audience were piloted and tested as well. Lastly, a road map was developed to help reach the overarching goal of OCRP in accountability.

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