Communications Campaign for Awareness and Uptake of HIV PREP in Vietnam

SDGs: Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education
Country/Region: Vietnam

The Need

The Meeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control (EpiC) project in collation with the government of Vietnam are focused on accelerating HIV epidemic control i.e. stop the growth of HIV within Vietnam. To achieve this, EpiC has identified 2 phased techniques to achieve its goals – Educating and making the youth aware about HIV and the access to the services, as well as the PrEP, a pill that prevents HIV infection and HIV testing and treatment services.


ASSIST Creativelab is currently supporting the EpiC project in increasing Key Populations’ awareness and uptake of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) services provided at public health in selected cities in Vietnam.

Our Output/Impact

ASSIST’s support include digital content development and digital marketing campaigns execution for outreach and enrollments generation.

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