Developing Communication Products to promote Responsible Supply Chains in Asia

Sector:Private sector development
SDGs: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Reduced Inequalities
Country/Region: Southeast Asia

The Need

The growth of supply chains has fostered economic growth and development for many but has catalyzed social issues that worsen with its unprecedented growth. Rising cases of unmet labor welfare standards in supply chains have prompted ILO to implement the program Responsible Supply Chains in Asia. This program aims to raise awareness to target key partners, in improving corporate social responsibility from the perspective of good labor practices. In doing so, ILO intends to responsibly maximize the potential of supply chains in promoting development without worsening or enabling the consequences that often come with impetuous growth.


To raise awareness to its key partners, the International Labor Organization (ILO) entered into an implementation agreement with ASSIST to conceptualize and develop a series of communication and knowledge products to be disseminated to its key target partners.

Our Output/Impact

An array of products were developed to fulfill the implementation agreement with ILO. An overview of the project was provided through an animated project video, a standee banner, a policy alignment brochure, a 2-page country overview, and a project overview brochure. Furthermore, design and layout services were provided by designing a trainers guide, participants handbook, social media cards, and a PowerPoint presentation. The various forms in which information was presented allowed for an extensive overview of the importance of labor welfare standards at various levels.

Featured Works