Development and Maintenance of eLearning and LMS for Trainings on HIV and Congenital Infections

SDGs: Good Health and Well Being, Partnerships for the Goals
Country/Region: Europe

The Need

Penta Foundation is a 16-year-old foundation set up to support activities related to research on HIV and other pediatric infectious diseases.
Penta Foundation also coordinates Penta Tr@ining, a training program for health providers focused on HIV and other infectious diseases for adolescents. They were keen to revamp the training modules into a blended learning module for effective rollout globally.


ASSIST was selected as the content development partner for this initiative to develop a series of blended learning modules on various topics in English and Russian languages through close coordination with subject matter experts from the Penta Foundation.
Also, ASSIST was tasked to establish a customized LMS (Learning Management System) platform built using open-source technology to support learners from different geographies during and after they go through the training.

Our Output/Impact

The intervention led to the design and development of the e-learning modules, setup of the LMS platform, and support in the form of learner administration to aid the healthcare and clinical professionals complete their learning journey.

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