Driving Actionable Communication Strategies through Research Insights

Gathering data on sales, customers, and inventory is important, but it is insufficient in and of itself to create innovations that can influence growth. Even so, management must interpret this data and use “actionable insights” to develop a strategy. Otherwise, the importance of key KPIs can be overlooked.

The ability to make educated judgments and take precise actions is enabled by actionable insights, which are specific, data-driven conclusions or information. Big data sets with useful insights can be used by management to develop effective data-driven initiatives. These insights can be obtained from raw data, which is frequently gathered from customer, sales, and inventory management systems software, to provide comprehensive reports and units of analysis. 

Actionable insights ensure that businesses may make plans to improve their business processes and services using the information they have collected. Forrester Research found that insight-driven companies grow up to eight times faster than global GDP. So acquiring data and generating insightful, useful information supports process optimization and business growth.

The combination of qualitative and quantitative methods is essential for this to be successful in helping teams create a strong communication plan that is assessed in light of competitive and market developments.

To create and test communication strategies and practical insights, we employ a number of techniques, such as:

  • Brainstorming meetings to generate ideas for pertinent product tales.
  • Testing draft messaging early to determine what will resonate most clearly.
  • Real-time Concept Optimization (RTCO) or Consumer Co-Creation to get input from a large group of current and prospective customers.
  • Max-Diff analysis exercises that provide respondents with different messaging statement combinations to consider and improve.
  • Online focus groups to improve narratives and illustrations.

The quantitative phase validates the qualitative phase’s insights. This procedure improves the activation approach and aids in creating a more accurate picture of the needs of the target market as well as pertinent category, brand, and product concerns. With the help of data analytics, it is possible to develop insights into the demographic as well as identify the important factors that influence success, allowing for the customization of the approach and the improvement of existing techniques. 

ASSIST Asia is here to create messages that appeal to the target audience. It is possible to develop a truly distinctive label that spurs new growth by involving the right stakeholders, pushing them to reflect carefully on activation goals, customizing a research strategy, and collaborating closely with the teams to help incorporate insights into particular communication plans that reach customers.


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