Crafting the business case for Greening among MSMEs in the Philippines

Sector:Private sector development
SDGs: Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action
Country/Region: Philippines

The Need

The size of the food processing industry in the Philippines highlights its valuable contribution to socio-economic growth, but at the same time reveals its considerable environmental footprint, posing detrimental environmental risks – affecting the health and welfare of individuals especially ones residing near factories. With MSMEs that contribute to majority production a primary target, the need to demonstrate the economic and non-economic benefits of integrating greening programs into value-adding operations is necessary to mitigate said environmental risks.


ASSIST demonstrated that greening the business brings both economic and non-economic benefits through extensive industry research, data gathering, development of business case, and articulation into a knowledge product.

Our Output/Impact

Funded by Global Green Growth Institute, ASSIST designed, developed, and helped disseminate case study reports to MSMEs across the country. Aside from this, ASSIST served as an extension of support from GIZ and DTI for the expansion of greening programmes. By acting as a support for GIZ and DTI, ASSIST also adopted new business registration practices put forth by DTI to promote greening programmes.

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