Development of Communication Materials for HIV/STI

SDGs: Good Health and Well Being
Country/Region: Philippines

The Need

The World Health Organization (WHO) is committed to “ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being at all ages” in recognition of good health and wellbeing as “essential to sustainable development”. The prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) across Southeast Asia and the Pacific is the reason for alarm, and necessitate the crafting of responses at the regional level.


Given the upcoming 30th anniversary of the celebration of World AIDS Day and in line with efforts to revitalize messaging aimed at the promotion of condom use and the prevention, testing, and treatment of STI, ASSIST Creativelab was chosen to develop posters that aim to raise awareness on various topics.

Our Output/Impact

ASSIST Creativelab created communication materials like posters to raise awareness on the following topics: (i.)promotion of condom use for MSM (ii.)raising awareness of drug-resistant gonorrhea(iii.) raising awareness of increasing syphilis cases and the importance of testing and treatment (iv.)promotion of condom use by people using pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV

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