GIZ Animation Videos Design and Development

SDGs: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, Partnerships for the Goals
Country/Region: Philippines

The Need

Repeated and short-term conflict-induced displacement is a major issue in CARAGA (Mindanao), leading to increased marginalization and impoverishment especially among vulnerable groups. With humanitarian aid proving to be a short-term solution, the project in coordination with the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process (OPPAP), aims to strengthen local and regional government capacity in dealing with conflict-induced displacement in Mindanao. With one of the project’s major challenges being the lack of awareness of displaced citizens and investments to fuel the project, the need for communication material is needed.


ASSIST was tasked by GIZ to provide creative services through the development of a three-minute whiteboard video, focusing on internal displacement and its implications to the people affected by it. With the creation of a whiteboard video, GIZ intended to promote awareness and draw in investments in a manner that is impactful yet engaging across all ages.

Our Output/Impact

To produce an engaging and neutral 3-minute whiteboard video, extensive research was conducted to gain a deeper understanding of displaced citizens in Mindanao. From here, a creative brief served as the guide for the production process. This includes the formulation of a script, storyboard, rough drafts, voiceover recordings that complement the visuals, and animation. Further research services were conducted for the project logo, content layout, and graphic design for various collaterals (e.g. notebooks, visual aids, print media, and promotional pictures).

Featured Works